Engineered for business. Using only the finest, high-quality materials to create this unique, stylish and multifunctional product. This design is simple and functional since it can conveniently store any type of umbrella. It is totally messed free and the plants are watered, too! The water from the wet umbrellas flows onto the bottom plate, through the holes and into the plant pot.

Umbrella stand with plant pot

Mushroom BBQ

Engineered for outdoor cooking. Only the finest, high-quality materials are used to create this unique, stylish and multifunctional product (Smoke, Bake, Sear, Roast, Char-Grill, Rotisserie and a Beautiful Garden Ornament). Whether baking bread, smoking or roasting meats and vegetables, or cooking a pizza, the wood or charcoal-burning Mushroom Barbecue Smoker with Adjustable Grill is the perfect way to achieve amazing flavours.

Mushroom BBQ Smoker

Jesu Sebastian

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