About Me

about-meJesurajah Sebastiampillai, BEng (Hons), was born in Sri Lanka and had to leave his homeland when he was eighteen years old. He travelled all over the world and finally settled in the United Kingdom. In 1999, Jesu qualified in Aeronautical Engineering at Salford University, Manchester. He then spent fifteen years working as a financier for his own company in London where he currently resides with his family.

2Jesu is married to Ramona, BSc (Hons), who is qualified in Psychology at the Open University, London. They have two beautiful children, Andrei and Nicole. Jesu enjoys designing and developing small ideas into greater, useful things. He believes in turning ideas into reality. Jesu Sebastian now revolves his life around running and fully financing his own ‘By Jesu Sebastian’ products. Jesu Sebastian’s inventions are mainly in the field indicated by the Jesu Sebastian Trademark.

DroneGame of Drones

This was my first drone design in 1996 and, apart from the engine and electronics, I created it from recycled materials. After completing my degree in 1999, I donated this design to my favourite Salford University Aerodynamics Laboratory

4-2Ski-Jump Ramp

I could have been the inventor of the Ski-Jump Ramp. After watching a TV programme about the aircraft carrier, I came up with an idea when seeing how a heavily loaded aircraft was struggling to take off at the end of a runway. I was only 12 years old at that time.


I carried out an experiment by fixing a ramp at the forward end of my study table and rolled a marble ball along at speed. The marble flew up into the air.


It may sound nuts, but it was like a bolt…