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Organise your washing: Keep your interior organised with the addition of a luxury laundry basket. They are wonderfully versatile and keep your laundry stored away until wash day. In a range of colours and styles, you can store in style and complement any interior. These 3-section laundry sorter baskets will help you to organise your laundry more effectively, and also save you the hassle of sifting through the colours. This handy laundry sorter features several colour-coded baskets to keep your white, dark, and coloured cloths separated and sorted prior to washing, which will make the chore of doing the laundry a lot easier. The durable iron frame is lightweight yet sturdy. These laundry baskets are easy to maintain and also can be used as regular or recycle bins as well.

Separate your wash. One of the most important laundry tips is to avoid washing dark and light clothes together, because the dyes used in the dark clothes may bleed onto other light clothes.


Each laundry basket offers a massive 100 litres of storage, each colour- coded with “WHITE (for white clothes only)”, “BLACK (for black clothes only)” and “RED (for colour clothes only)” and lid for covering. These baskets are lightweight and can easily be moved around. The item is a great option for any home or workplace in need of a heavy-duty solution to laundry needs. The design of Jesu Sebastian’s Laundry Baskets draws on a decade of experience creating innovative and practical home furnishings.


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Dimensions 35 × 55 cm

Black, Red, White


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