Mushroom BBQ


Jesu Sebastian’s Mushroom Barbecue with Adjustable Grill

Engineered for outdoor cooking. Only the finest, high-quality materials are used to create this unique, stylish and multi-functional product (Smoke, Bake, Sear, Roast, Char-Grill, Rotisserie, Fire Pit, Biltong Maker and a Beautiful Garden Ornament). Whether baking bread, smoking or roasting meats and vegetables, or cooking a pizza, the wood or charcoal-burning Mushroom Barbecue Smoker with Adjustable Grill is the perfect way to achieve amazing flavours.

The acclaimed Adjustable Grill Barbecue features an easy to adjust grill that can be operated whilst cooking. Just unscrew the grill for ‘up’ or screw the grill for ‘down’ with the help of a fire poker. It is also easy to remove for cleaning and preparing the fire. During the smoking process, the wood inside the stalk burns slowly and generates smoke and a small fire. The smoke expands and flows through the nozzle. Since there are small holes in the BBQ metal charcoal container, the hot smoke flows through the grill making the smoking possible. Cook on it and then warm yourself around it long into the night with a cold beer.

Welcome to the future of grilling.

Why you need a Jesu Sebastian’s BBQ?

  • Jesu Sebastian’s BBQ Smoker with adjustable grill requires no assembly at all just take it straight out of the pack and enjoy!
  • Jesu Sebastian’s BBQ pays for itself. High heat with low energy consumption. This BBQ cooks perfectly with a small bag of charcoal. But that’s not all! After finish with barbecuing the meat, you can get your pizza baked to perfection, bake breads or even a cake. All this due to the insulated charcoal pit which can hold the temperature for hours.
  • Quickest grill on the market to clean. Fat is atomised so very easy to keep it cleans all year around.
  • Safe to use and simple to operate.
  • Jesu Sebastian’s BBQ Is Ideal for outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are hot news. Nowadays outdoor kitchens are all the rage for Londoners. The rise in entertaining at home is driving the trend: somewhere to have fun doing so, with all your friends joining in. you can cook and serve them food there, and look out over the garden.
Dimensions 66 × 125 cm



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