Umbrella Stand with Plant Pot

£499.00 £399.00

Engineered for business. Using only the finest, high-quality materials to create this unique, stylish and multi-functional product. This design is simple and functional since it can conveniently store any type of umbrella.

Jesu Sebastian’s Umbrella Stand with Plant Pot is a functional and essential piece of furniture every hallway needs. When you’re coming inside from a downpour, the last thing you want to do is leave your soaking wet umbrella on the hallway floor or in the corner of a room where it’s only going to create messy and wet floors. This poses hazards for your house or offices, etc. To avoid this, you need a solid umbrella stand that will conveniently store your wet brollies. The efficient design enables water from the wet umbrellas to flow onto the bottom plate, through the holes and direct into the plant pot. As a highly practical item, it is totally mess free and plants are watered, too!

Jesu Sebastian’s Umbrella Stand with Plant Pot will ensure your hallway or office is tidy, clean and dry whilst also providing a beautiful new aluminium product that is a talking point. The beauty of aluminium means it is durable, light and will not be affected by wet umbrellas resting inside – it is incredibly water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about rust or damp.



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